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“A White Oak”, You Can Hear Some of What God has Done for Me…

“A White Oak” You Can Hear Some of What God has D one for Me… I was at my home church of Liberty Baptist Church, San Antonio, Texas this Sunday morning singing, “A White Oak”. This is for one person the Lord. So, I hope you can listen to it […]

Robert S Howard Singing A White Oak

Golan Heights Residents on Edge After Latest…

Golan Heights Residents on Edge After Latest… This is going to be bad for all the countries in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Africa, and even North America. I am wondering how the trump will sound, not Donald. The trumpet that the people who are born again will hear, 1 […]

Shady Acres Baptist Church Camp Meeting August 13-18.

Shady Acres Baptist Church had their Bi-Annual Camp Meeting August 13-18 on August 18th Robert Howard Preached Shady Acres Baptist Church’s Camp Meeting was amazing. I got to go to the Camp Meeting at Shady Acers Baptist Church in Houston, Texas and it stretched from last Sunday morning until last […]

Robert Howard at Shady Acres Baptist Church's Bi-Annual Camp Meeting

A Lot of People Should Come unto the Lord Like This…

You should not depend on yourself, other church members, or your pastor. No, you should depend on the Lord Jesus Christ and him only. Just read Proverbs 1:22-31, if you have heard the Lord but just don’t hear him anymore. You just continue living in that situation you are in and don’t humble yourself, repent of your sin, and start seeking the Lord’s Will for everything. Humbling yourself is the thing that no one likes to do. Look at…

Are the People of America Finished Listening to God?

I thought when there was Baptist in your church’s name it meant something? With all of the news that is coming out in the convergence now, the name of a church does not seem to matter anymore. America was thought to be the new land that God was going to bless the people that would follow him. Well, that

What Type of Seed are Today’s Christian Sowing?

Am I in the Will of My Flesh or in God’s Perfect Will? I have been studying the Word of God and praying to the Lord daily since the prior message that I posted on this blog last month. One of the things that I pray for is to be […]

I Stand Amazed By True Followers of Christ!

I Was Able to Go Downtown This Year to “Fiesta San Antonio”, For About a Week for One Reason… Do you know, when you’ve tried to get something done and no matter how hard you try, it just doesn’t get done? That it the way I had been living my […]