I’ve Gotten the Classic Hat From KJV Clothing Yesterday!

I’ve Gotten the Classic Hat that I Ordered From KJV Clothing Company Yesterday!


Classic Hat from KJV Clothing Company

A Classic Hat that I purchased from KJV Clothing Company.

I went and did something that was profitable not only for me or KJV Clothing Company but to God! The reason I say that is because I know that God is going to get a tithe from the money he sends my way and I do believe that he will also get a tithe for the money that I have spent at KJV Clothing Company. I purchased a new Classic Hat, a baseball cap, from these great people at KJV Clothing Company! Their website address is https://www.kjvclothingcompany.com, go there and order something when you can.  William Potter owns KJV Clothing Company and I do believe he is searching for God while he travels through this life. It is a blessing to know there are some people who are out there looking to please God before man.