Shady Acres Baptist Church Camp Meeting August 13-18.

Shady Acres Baptist Church had their Bi-Annual Camp Meeting

August 13-18 on August 18th Robert Howard Preached

Robert Howard at Shady Acres Baptist Church's Bi-Annual Camp Meeting

Shady Acres Baptist Church’s Bi-Annual Camp Meeting August 13-18 & Robert Howard Preaching on the 18th.

Shady Acres Baptist Church’s Camp Meeting was amazing. I got to go to the Camp Meeting at Shady Acers Baptist Church in Houston, Texas and it stretched from last Sunday morning until last Friday night. I think the whole theme of the meeting for Saved individuals was, “Are you doing what the Holy Ghost has told you to do?” There were about 2 preachers morning and night during the whole week. Brother Farley actually let me say a few words Friday morning! I was a bit nervous, due to all of the preachers who were much older, much more experienced, and it was my first time preaching at someone else’s church. Don’t laugh and I will share what I said with you…