I Stand Amazed By True Followers of Christ!

I Was Able to Go Downtown This Year to “Fiesta San Antonio”, For About a Week for One Reason…

Bro. Howard Witnessing at Fiesta San Antonio 2017
Witnessing at Fiesta San Antonio 2017

Do you know, when you’ve tried to get something done and no matter how hard you try, it just doesn’t get done? That it the way I had been living my Christian life since the late 1980’s until about 2000. Always looking for a purpose in my life and the things of this world can make you think you have found it but, within a couple of days, weeks, months, or even years that can vanish away. I have seen people that try their hardest to do what God has told them. I have also seen people that follow the Will of God no matter what. The Will of the Father is different for every believer but it is easier to find the will of God for yourself if you start studying his Word and praying throughout the day. You can’t expect to find his Will in a week, God wants consistency. Day in, day out God wants to see you take his Word and study it. God wants to hear from you even when you aren’t in formal prayer. I am amazed by true followers of Christ! Saying that I am happy to be doing what the Will of the Father has told me is not the case for me. I am content with what God has blessed me with.

Bro. Steve Andres for Winning & Warning at Public Events
Brother Steve Andres for Winning & Warning at Public Events

I stand amazed by true followers of Christ! You know that I pray to serve the Lord as men like Brother Steve Andres does. Saying that I am happy to be doing the Will of the Father, is a statement that is true. Being at Fiesta was bliss for me. Brother Steve Andres is an inspiration for me, if he can do what God has asked of him, I believe I could and should do what God has asked me to do more now than ever. Following Christ just takes persistence, Brother Steve has been following God’s Will for his life since the 70’s and has been going to public events since 1983. Here is Brother Steve’s website, http://andresusa.com/. I praise the Lord that there are still people who no matter what is happening in their lives, will still go out and do whatever the Lord has called them too. I am almost afraid to say some of the things that the Lord has told me to do, but I believe the world will be able to find out in time.

Saying all of that, I have been studying the Word of God and praying since my last message that I posted on my blog. You will never find the end of God’s wisdom. At least I know that I will never find God’s point of saving a man such as I. I will finish this post up later…



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